“That’s not how it works”

“These are not the terms we had agreed upon.”  The man’s voice was cold.

“What do you care?” Michael asked.  “It’s in your favor.  Why question a good thing?”

“That’s not how it works.”  His reply was sharp, like a teacher correcting a particularly troublesome student.  “I cannot take that which I have not earned.”

Michael’s tongue briefly got the better of his brain.  “Doesn’t stop you from taking lives.”  Hopefully the man had a sense of humor.  All available evidence indicated to the contrary.

“As I said, I cannot take what I have not earned.”  He paused, considering something.  “And this is twice what I have earned.”

“Look, I can’t take it back.  They killed the last guy that tried that.  Take it.”

“Must I repeat myself?”  A moment’s silence.  “You could appropriate the remainder for yourself.”

“Yeah, because they’d never find out about that.”  Michael ran his fingers through his hair.  “Okay, look.  How about—what if I hired you?”

“Tell me your target,” the man said.

So he did.


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