Random Thoughts From Japan

Apparently sake isn’t terrible.  You just need to heat it first.

Melon Fanta?  Why don’t we have this in the states?

I love how much more common thigh-highs are over here.  Next time on Things That Turn Me On: detached sleeves.

I’m going to the atomic bomb museum in Hiroshima.  There is something distinctly American about bombing the shit out of a country and then paying them to see the wreckage.

I don’t eat pork because I am Jewish and I don’t eat seafood because I am weird.  Perhaps going to Japan, where those are two of the primary things that are eaten, was a mistake.

What is it with beers and drinkability?  For that matter, what the hell is drinkability?  As far as I’m concerned, something is drinkable if it is a liquid that doesn’t destroy your esophagus on the way down.  Arsenic-spiked tea is drinkable.  Lava is not.  The beer companies are clearly using some other definition.

I like that there’s a guy by the train ticket gate machines whose job consists mostly of saying “thanks” every time somebody passes by.

English’s relative simplicity with respect to grammar (specifically, the minimal conjugation) makes it easier to work with in some ways, but the cost for this is a loss of subtlety.  Contrast this with Hebrew; a good chunk of Biblical commentary is concerned with grammatical oddities, such as God using the plural form of “you” when talking specifically to Moses.

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Saturday, December 25th, 2010 Thoughts 1 Comment