First Fall

The sky had never felt as far away as it did now that I had caught it.  As far up as I was, I could see an eternity stretching out beyond me.  I was all too aware that I had merely brushed against the surface of the beyond.

And then, from above, I saw an angel descending.  The Heavens parted for her passage and I knew that she was mine.  But as she fell, I became afraid.  Was she falling for my sake?  When she dropped to my level, would she still be the pristine goddess I saw, or would her descent twist her into a shapeless, godless horror?

“Stop!” I yelled, “Go back!” I couldn’t let that happen.  I needed her, but that didn’t matter.

She looked at me then and smiled, her beauty suddenly blinding, before turning and plunging into the depths.

“No!” I cried, falling after her.  The clouds took me in, pulling me closer to my angel.  Suddenly, everything pulled away, leaving us alone in the middle of an endless black emptiness.

“Help me,” my love said.  I paused.


And then I


my eyes.

Sunday, December 5th, 2010 Falling

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